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Seminar Series Schedule 2015

An annual Seminar Series is co-sponsored by the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute, the Hepatitis B Foundation, and the Drexel Institute to promote scientific exchange at the national and international level.

11/19/15 - 11:00am - PA Drug Discovery Awards
Honoring: Amos Smith, III, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

10/22/15 - 11:00am - Karen Knudsen, M.D., Ph.D. (Thomas Jefferson University)
"BRACA and Cancer"

8/13/15 - 11:00am - Michael Bray, M.D., M.P.H. (NIAID/NIH, Antiviral Research Journal)

8/9/15 - 8/12/15 - Drug Discovery Re-Invented Meeting in Ascot, UK

8/6/15 - 11:00am - David Mead, Ph.D. (Lucigen Corporation)
“Functional metagenomics of Drug Discovery"

7/30/15 - 11:00am - Kam Yeung, Ph.D. (University of Toledo)

7/23/15 - 11:00am - David Mankoff, M.D., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

7/9/15 - 11:00am - Sina Bavari, Ph.D. (US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases)
“West Africa Ebola Outbreak: What Happened?"

6/25/15 - 11:00am - Ronen Marmorstein, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)**
“Structure-guided Inhibitor Developement in an Academic Setting"

6/24/15 - 11:00am - Raymond Dwek, FRS, CBE (Oxford University)
“Glycobiology: A Billion Dollar Company and Novel Drugs"

6/19/15 - 11:00am - Daryl Lau, M.D. (Harvard Medical School)
“Prevalence of Precore and Dual Basal Core Promoter HBV Variants in a Racially diverse Cohort of Patients in North America"

6/18/15 - University of Pennsylvania Symposia
Symposium on Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry
James Peterson: Chemical Synthesis of Proteins to Study their Roles in Health and Disease
Jason Clement: Natural Products Discovery and the NPDI Collection
Ivan J. Dmochowski: New Frontiers in Xenon Host-Guest Chemistry
John Kulp: Molecular Modeling and Characterization of Hepatitis B Core Protein Assembly Effectors

6/16/15 - 11:00am - Professor Anna Kramvis (University of Witewatersrand South Africa)
Hepatitis B Virus Genotypes in Africa: Epidemiology and Relevance

6/15/15 - 11:00am - David Mead, Ph.D. (Lucigen Corporation)
“Functional Metagenomics of Soil Microbial Secondary Metabolite Pathways"

6/12/15 - 11:00am John Denu, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin)
“Aging, Metabolism, and the Epigenome: Sirtuin-Catalyzed Protein Deacylation."


*Regional Biotech Council (RBC) Seminar Speakers (Registration may be required)

**Pennyslvania Drug Discovery Institute Seminar Speakers


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